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Independent, not alone

Crafting your journey of authenticity should not mean doing it all alone. Whether it's about making an important decision, solving a problem or trying to get clarity, you often find yourself needing to bounce off ideas with someone. That's why we've designed our experience to provide your with a feeling of continuous support from the best possible executive coaches.

Your sidekick is always around if you need. They'll also check-in with you through 1:1 asynchronous video messages, quick Pulse checks and live sessions whenever needed.

Growth support for those who need it most

Our experience is designed for those who are owners of their development — whether you're an entrepreneur, independent worker, creator or salaried worker. 
You'll have unlimited access to your coach and to development features helping you receive feedback, self-assess soft skills, or consume tailored resources.


It's harder to set yourself goals and make sure you complete them when you're self-managed. Share your goals and action plan with your coach to make sure you're held accountable on your growth or any important changes to your work life.

How it works

Join one of our sidekick's team to reach your next goal.

Apply to join a sidekick's team

Choose the right Sidekick based on what you'd like to work on over the next few months

Our sidekicks are executive coaches trained in some of the best coaching schools in the world. Apply to join a sidekick's team through a short questionnaire. That will help assess if they can be helpful. You'll hear back in 24h.

1:1 on-boarding call

20mn to introduce you to Sidekick

20mn call with a member of our team to introduce you to your upcoming experience and set you up on your journey.

Connect over a free 1h live session

Set yourself specific goals and build trust

The goal of the introductory session is to build trust and define the goals of the partnership over the coming weeks / months. 

Unlimited async coaching

Through videos, audio and text chat.

Your coach is always around to help and will always respond within a day.

Grow with your sidekick

Regular checks on your progress against your goals

Bounce off ideas, receive feedback and ask your coach for help when you're stuck or just having a rough day ! Your sidekick coach will check-in with you, send you regular pulse surveys and check your progress on your development goals and to-do list.

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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