Our mission is to support self-managed individuals

We are living a fantastic era of career liberation. Each year, millions of individuals break out from traditional career paths to craft their own, singular journey. Major shifts in our technological advancements, consumption habits and lifestyle preferences are making it easier for entrepreneurs, creators and freelancers to emerge and live off their business-of-one. Full-time employees have also been given more autonomy and flexibility as remote work became mainstream. As a result, a lot of us are pushed to self-manage.

Escaping from management sounds great. We can finally avoid bureaucratic processes and bad managers. Yet this autonomy can also be daunting; freedom can have a bitter taste when there’s no one to support you and no team to share it with. Self-management should not mean being alone, even though that’s very often how we feel. When we leave the grip of management, we need to be more intentional in creating our own support system.

Our mission at Sidekick is to create the support system for self-managed individuals. A sidekick is an executive coach who’ll give you pointers, hold you accountable, ask you powerful questions, listen and bounce off ideas with you. Someone out there who's caring and looking out for your growth.
This is a great time for each of us to bring our uniqueness. We’ll do our best to make this journey so enjoyable that you never have to choose between comfort and singularity.

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