There's someone looking out for your growth

Support system to help you reach your goals and advance your singular career.

discover our sidekicks

Discover our coaches & pick your sidekick

You need someone to give you pointers, bounce off ideas with you and hold you accountable. Pick who you'd like to have by your side to care for you throughout this journey.

Our sidekicks are certified executive coaches and come from various backgrounds including neuroscience, tech, law, sales, human resources.

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Unlimited 1:1 async coaching

It can be difficult to invest in coaching when there's no company to pay for it. Through Sidekick you receive the continuous support of a top-class executive coach for $50 / month. You'll have anytime access to your coach via video, audio or text chat.

1h live sessions when needed

Once you join your sidekick's team, you'll get a free 1:1 1h session upon sign up. You'll also have access to your coach's calendar to book additional coaching sessions at a discounted rate, whenever needed. 

Feedback & accountability

You'll receive 1:1 support to help you reach your goals and overcome difficulties. Through the app, you're also able to receive feedback and set a to-do list to share with your coach.

How it works

Join one of our sidekick's team to reach your next goal.

Apply to join a sidekick's team

Choose the right Sidekick based on what you'd like to work on over the next few months


1:1 on-boarding call

20mn call with a member of our team to introduce you to your upcoming coaching experience on Sidekick


Connect over a free 1h session

Introductory coaching session to build trust with your coach and set yourself development goals


Unlimited async coaching

Through videos, audio and text chat.


Grow with your sidekick

Regular checks on your progress against your goals


Sidekick is the support system for self-managed individuals

We are living a fantastic era of career liberation. Each year, millions of individuals break out from traditional career paths to craft their own journey - becoming entrepreneurs, creators, freelancers and living off their business-of-one.

That doesn't mean doing it all alone. We know this journey can be difficult and when there's no manager or team, it can feel like a lonely one. Our mission at Sidekick is to create the support system to enable this era of self-management.


Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.